Social Studies

        Now in Social Studies we are making timelines. I am putting when I was born on. When I got Beauty. My trip to South Dakota. My trip to Niagara Falls. When I got my cat Smokey. Me in 3rd grade now.
        First I have to get a picture of me as a baby. I have to get a picture of when I got Beauty. I am putting a picture of me in front of a South Dakota map. For my trip to Niagara Falls it is of me and my dad looking out over Niagara Falls. I have a funny picture of Smokey that I'm going to put on my timeline. I going to put a picture of my first day of 3rd grade.
        Tonight I am going to print those pictures of my dad's computer. Then I am going to glue them on and take it to school.
                                                                                                                  Katelyn McDaniel

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